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Longer Stays

We welcome guests Booking for a longer stay if they need temporary accommodation in the area for any reason - when their main home is, or will be, elsewhere.
Longer stays are usually periods of 28 days, or more.

Our fully-furnished and fully-equipped self-catering Holiday Cottages will offer you a comfortable home-from-home with everything you need provided. The fully-inclusive rental rates mean they’re ready to move in to and makes budgeting straightforward (no extra bills to pay, and no wait for Internet connection).

Ideal if you are:
.  working temporarily in the area, but for too long to stay in a hotel or B&B.
. between houses, and need accommodation whilst waiting to be able to move into your new home.
. house-hunting, and want to get a proper feel for the area before buying.
. relocating into the area, and need somewhere to stay whilst you look for a long-term rental property.
. having some home improvements or decorating done at your own home locally, and don’t want to live there during the messy stage.
. having major works done at your own property locally, and can’t live there until it’s completed.

For longer stays, you will still benefit from regular Housekeeping visits to maintain the Cottage for you, and you will also have access to full on-site laundry facilities.

Our fully inclusive Prices start at just £495 per week in the one bedroom cottage or £695 per week in one of the two bedroom cottages, for a stay of up to 4 weeks.
Get in touch about pricing for stays of longer than 4 weeks as ‘block-booking discounts’ may apply.

Check availability for the dates you need and... book online, email your enquiry to or call 07860 887653 for a fast response.

If you have something planned, get in touch now. You can book up to two years in advance.

Think you may need more than one Cottage? Take a look at our Group Stays page.
If your trip is for Work reasons, see our Business Travel page too.

Take a look at the Cottages, Group Stays, Business Travel, book online.

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