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Green Issues

In a rural economy ‘Green Issues’ are very important.  It’s about preserving the beauty of the area and protecting its resources for us now, and for generations to come.  Whether it be the admirable major conservation works done across the Suffolk Heritage Coastal region by Suffolk Coasts & Heaths and other organisations to maintain what has been designated by the Government as an ‘Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty’ (ANOB), or the domestic recycling efforts by our Housekeepers and our Holiday Cottage guests – it all helps.

We like to do our bit, even if it is in a small way.  Our Holiday Cottages are insulated to the best possible standards, we use low-energy light bulbs throughout, our Mains Water is Metered, we buy in bulk to minimise packaging and reduce shopping trips, and we Recycle everything we can – paper & cardboard, plastics, glass, and green waste from the gardens.  We encourage our Holiday Cottage guests to use the recycling facilities we provide, to shop locally, and to not drop litter while they are out and about enjoying the area – so you can do your bit too.

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